A twitter war erupted between Sean Hannity and Cher’s transgender daughter turned son Chaz Bono. It started with Hannity asking Wikileaks if they could confirm where the CIA used Malware to “Attribute” cyber attacks to Russia.

 “So is the new Right, all Putin loving, reality denying, traitors to the principals our country was founded on, Fascists, Just Like #Trump?” wrote Chaz Bono. He got into a battle that he couldn’t possibly win. Sean Hannity hit back very hard.

“Chaz clearly you are just ignorant. Read the @wikileaks info released this week. Try and educate yourself before tweeting inane lib talking points! I have said many times we should NOT trust Putin. I embrace truth everyday. I love my country and am not a fascist. You r ignorant and dull. Chaz come on my TV show so I can expose to all what a hypocrite you are and that you’re dumber than dirt,” wrote Hannity.

 “Oh Sean, while that’s tempting, I don’t play with stupid. But have fun denigrating the CIA and propping up Putin. Reagan would be so proud. If I’m going on TV to talk politics, I want to reach an audience with an open mind, just common sense. This is not a pissing contest to me,” responded Chaz.

“You drop insults and ad hominem attacks vs me, I refuse to take your Hollywood BS and then you refuse to come on and defend the lies u spew. You say you are an “actor” & “producer”? I checked your resume, and it’s not that impressive. You started this fight & won’t debate-coward!” said Hannity. Chaz stopped responding. The victory clearly goes to Hannity.