The welfare system in the United States has become a laughing stock to anyone who knows anything about economics. It’s gone from a charitable help to those unable to provide for their families to a game that many win by exploiting as much as possible out of an already over-burdened system. Somehow our culture went from it being a shame to have to rely on others to those who qualify and don’t take advantage of available funds being shamed as stupid or inept.

The formerly cocky professional welfare collectors were singing a different song in Georga when the state’s EBT food stamp system crashed temporarily. It’s absolutely incredible to see so many able-bodied adults talking about their “rights” and what the government owes them.

Watch below:


Somehow these people who are getting over $1000 at a time in food stamps don’t, have even an extra day of food? Even if they are truly unable to work, that just seems like bad planning. Sadly, former president Obama did more to damage our United States economy and work ethic than almost any president, ever.

There’s this concept in economics: you subsidize (give money to) what you want to encourage and tax what you want to discourage. By the standards of today’s laws, quitting your job and staying home, living in a house that the government provides and increasing your budget by having more children that you can’t support is encouraged. But, owning your own business, increasing your income year by year and even leaving money to your family when you pass are all discouraged activities.

I understand that tax has to happen; the military needs money, the roads need paving. At this point though, I think we can all agree this system has become like telling your child that if they promise to never even try to become a productive citizen you will gladly let them stay in your basement forever. Not only will you lose money and storage space, it’s dumb.