Six leftists were arrested after setting upon and attacking Trump supporters at a peaceful Florida rally.

The pro-Trump rally was in support of the President’s decision to authorize military strikes against Syria in retaliation for their chemical weapons attack.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s officials said between 100 and 200 people were in the crowd that consisted of peaceful Trump supporters and anti-Trump leftists who began punching and kicking. Nobody was seriously hurt, but six were arrested, WJAX reports.

Those arrested at the event were 27-year-old David Schneider, 26-year-old Connell Crooms, 74-year-old William Wilder, 27-year-old Christina Kittle, 67-year-old Robert Sheffield Jr. and 26-year-old Thomas Beckham.

Police said one man at the protest was waving a pro-Trump flag and yelling pro-police chants into a megaphone. Crooms didn’t like that, stood in the man’s face and began yelling “F**k The Police!” at the crowd with the rest of the leftists following his lead.

A struggle ensued between police and Crooms who was eventually taken to the hospital.

The leftist’s mother, Felicia, said the police are responsible.

“To see my son being hit upon, and punched like a punching bag, that’s very upsetting to me,” she told WJAX-TV, explaining that her son is deaf and that she didn’t see him fight back. “This is how we treat our children with disabilities? This is very upsetting.”