Supporters of President Donald Trump were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights in Los Angeles when a dorky Antifa coward launched a violent ambush. As video of the incident shows, he clearly picked the wrong man to mess with as he learned a fast, painful lesson.

The Gateway Pundit reports that many participated in a “Loyalty Day” march to counter the left-wing “May Day” marches taking place. President Donald Trump recently proclaimed May 1st as Loyalty Day, describing it as “a time for Americans to reaffirm their commitment to ‘individual liberties, to limited government, and to the inherent dignity of every human being’ with Pledge of Allegiance ceremonies and a display of American flags.” However, many troublemakers had other plans.

One of the marches, in Portland, Ore., was ended by the police after some protesters threw rocks, lead balls, smoke bombs and full cans of Pepsi at officers. The police blamed anarchist groups — which have disrupted other protests since the election — for destroying a police car, attacking officers, damaging windows and starting fires. More than two dozen people were arrested. [Source: NY Times]

One Antifa troublemaker decided that it was a good idea to ambush a Trump supporter who was carrying a megaphone in Los Angeles, California. It is unclear if the thug intended to simply run by and assault the other man or if he intended to fight. Unfortunately for him, a fight is what he got.

The ambush was a cowardly move, no doubt, and after eating a punch or two, the thug was smart enough to start running since he was clearly losing the fight. Later in the video, a throng of Trump supporters can be seen running after the coward, pointing him out to cops. Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” can be heard in the background.

A number of Twitter users raised an interesting question: With cops right there, why didn’t they arrest the man? In the end, the cowardly man ran as hard as he could to escape the escalating beatdown.

It is remarkable to watch the left rage as a result of Donald Trump presiding in the White House. We did not see this kind of violence in the street when former President Barack Obama was elected. Ultimately, left-wingers know that they do not have intellectual honesty on their side, so they resort to silly protests and grotesque acts.

It is one thing to disagree with a leader like President Donald Trump but quite another to engage in violence against other Americans. Something tells me that Trump is likely to keep winning and that enraged liberals will continue to make headlines with acts of public cowardice like this one.