Sinkholes are no joking matter, and the sinkhole that opened in one Louisiana bayou proved just how crazy they can be.

According to CNN, the sinkhole, which first opened back in 2012, may have been caused by an underground salt cavern collapsing.

“The state’s Department of Natural Resources ordered Texas Brine Company, which mines the cavern, to drill a well into the cavern to see whether it caused the dark gray slurry-filled hole nearby,” CNN reported in August 2013.

“Measurements taken Monday showed the sinkhole measures 324 feet in diameter and is 50 feet deep, but in one corner it goes down 422 feet, said John Boudreaux, director of the Office of Homeland Security in Assumption Parish, about 30 miles south of Baton Rouge.”

Sure, that sounds bad enough, but sinkholes can do a lot of damage, and taking a look at it reveals just how destructive this sinkhole was.

According to Atlas Obscura, this dramatic video was taken by the Assumption Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness in 2013, after the sinkhole had been growing for a year.

heck it out here:

Aaaand there go the trees.

While police ordered an evacuation, some residents decided — in spite of fun stuff like this — to stick it out.

“When you have a beautiful home like I have on the bayou and have a little business that I run in the home, it would be very difficult to leave this behind,” Dennis Landry, who owned guest cabins less than half a mile from the sinkhole, told CNN at the time. “We kind of feel that if something drastic were to happen, we could jump in a car and get out of here.”

Right. Because those trees didn’t just vanish in a matter of seconds or anything — oh wait, no, they totally did. Those are the kinds of lines that the doltish people who die first say right at the beginning of a natural disaster or horror movie. Thankfully, nearest we can tell, their rank stupidity didn’t end with them going the way of Dennis Nedry in “Jurassic Park.”

Still, after Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, let this be yet another warning — if police tell you to evacuate, they’re not just doing it because they’re buzzkills. Evacuate. Or, possibly end up like these trees. We trust, given that you’re reading us as opposed to the Daily Kos, you’ll make the right call.


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