What number of you recollect the press-sabotage occasion in the tent in the Middle East when Donald Rumsfeld was set up with a rigged question?

Or, on the other hand when an extremely worshiping press asked President Obama in a question and answer session, “How are you feeling?”

It’s humiliating the level to which these Leftists soak with a specific end goal to improve themselves look. It truly is.

***Obviously, in some cases, that kind of stuff causes issues down the road for the press.

Who recalls Katie Couric and her well known second Amendment Gun Rights report where she altered out the answers of the firearm proprietors and dealers with a specific end goal to make them seem imbecilic?

Trey Gowdy acknowledged an encouragement to talk at a secondary school in South Carolina as of late. What’s more, you know our schools … about as drastically liberals as can be, now.

How proper that a Leftist educator in the school chosen to plant an adversarial and wry question into one of the youthful seniors. This much was horrendously self-evident.

In any case, Gowdy was prepared for it … and it was gotten on video !

The Liberal instructor who planted this question on the understudy ought to be drummed out of the school and made a case of notwithstanding , we as a whole realize that will never occur the length of the educator’s union battles to keep the state government out of their issues.

For their parts, they will keep on languishing as understudies become more moronic and citizens become poorer.

And for a tiny bit of popularity to the detriment of a regarded Congressman.