You know what they say… karma is a b***h! These terrorists felt that on their own skin, as they were trying to implore more people to join and support their cause of attacking other people!

As we can see from the video below, a group of ISIS terrorists is filming a recruitment video in an effort to encourage people to join their organization. Unfortunately for them… it backfires instantly as Russia gives each of these terrorists a one-way ticket to Allah.

My guess is…they didn’t expect this to happen!!!


Well, this is one great way to end these terrorist press conference!

I like this kind of news!! This will make the world a better place! Although it’s not clear if they all went to meet ALLAH, one thing is certain Russia isn’t going back to their bases with any missiles.

I bet that hurt. This is a message to all Sharia Law terrorists that kill and behead people! America Now Truly has A President….. You can hide in your rock caves…BUT WE Will Find You!

America is Finally STRONG with President Trump!!!