The Islamic State group’s pathetic plan to kill enemies in Iraq by transforming everyday vehicles into kamikaze weapons and then ramming them into groups of soldiers has stumbled upon a rather huge snafu: the introduction by U.S. forces of big, beautiful tanks.

Tanks like the M1 Abrams, which according to the Federation of American Scientists is designed for “engaging the enemy in any weather, day or night on the multi-dimensional, non-linear battlefield using its firepower, maneuver, and shock effect.”

The FAS wasn’t exaggerating even the slightest bit, as evidenced by recent video footage from Iraq showing a U.S.-supplied M1 Abrams piloted by Iraqi Security Forces destroying one of the aforementioned kamikaze vehicles.

You can watch the footage here. (The explosion comes about the 10:45 mark.)

The video was reportedly recorded in the Yarmouk district of western Mosul, where Islamic State group militants have been “fighting to the death” to maintain control, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Thank heavens for tanks like the M1 Abrams, though, because this ISIS tactic of trying to kill American soldiers and Iraqi security forces via suicide cars has been a big problem throughout all of Iraq.

“It’s the tactic they use the most,” Staff Lt. Col. Muntadhar Salem, head of the Counter-Terrorism Service’s Mosul regiment, told the Los Angeles Times in an interview two months ago.

He added that during the battle last year for control of the Assyrian Christian town of Bartella, his team alone “faced seven of them, but altogether there were 23 on the first day of our offensive.”

“These could come as just vehicles that are loaded (with explosives), but more likely now in what you would hear termed ‘Mad Max vehicles’ — lots of steel around them, small slits for the drivers to see and they’re predominantly suicide attacks,” added Australian Defence Force Chief Mark Binskin last month in a statement to The U.K. Daily Telegraph.

According to one Iraqi commander cited by The Daily Caller, “Sometimes, you just have to run.”

Perhaps, but sometimes you have to fight back, especially when you have a powerful M1 Abrams tank handy.

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