Despite the fact that the network has such an obvious, deep liberal bias and has relentlessly attacked Donald Trump since the very beginning of his candidacy, they at least have the good sense to keep political commentator Jeffrey Lord on their staff.

Lord has proved invaluable in providing a much needed pro-Trump point of view on the network. He had regularly cut down the nonsensical arguments of liberal guests and hosts and provided a sole voice of reason on numerous programs. However, something he said just provoked host Anderson Cooper so intensely that Anderson had to apologize for what he said in return.

On a recent episode of CNN’s AC360, Cooper and Lord discussed the recent hearsay story about President Trump reportedly calling fired FBI Director James Comey a “nut job” to the Russian ambassador and other Russian officials who were making an official visit to the White House.

Jeffrey defended President Trump to Cooper, saying, “I don’t care what he says to the Russians; he’s the President of the United States.” The utterly classless Cooper retorted, “If he took a dump on his desk, you would defend it. I don’t know what he would do that you would not defend.”

 This nasty scatalogical response drew so much ire from viewers that Cooper had to apologize for it. Said Cooper on Twitter, “I regret the crude sentence i spoke earlier tonight and followed it up by apologizing on air. It was unprofessional. I am genuinely sorry.” Conservative actor trolled Anderson for what he said, tweeting, “#Scatologist #AndersonCooper sets a new low for #CNN#PooperScooper” Do you think CNN needs to replace Cooper with somebody more professional?