As it was foreseen, one U.S. visa program was composed to allow religious workers from other countries to enter in America. This is potentially threatening as numerous jihadists might slide along in the country. This is a concerning matter and proper attention to it must be paid.

This program is an R visa program, intended for non-immigrant clerics and religious workers that allows those with outstanding applications to reside within America for up to five years.

When this period is over, the people are permitted to apply for a permanent residence. This is cleared via their R-1 status.

However, opposers of this program have been loud and clear about how this can threaten the country’s safety and bring instability among people.
“People have come in and tried to come in with this visa to preach their hardline and dangerous views, and then encourage [the] vulnerable to travel back with them where they are further brainwashed and can potentially be used to harm the USA,” said Adnan Khan, former president of the Council of Pakistan American Affairs.

“The solution isn’t banning innocent Muslims and migration, but looking at visas like this one, visas which have raised red flags and caused trouble in the past.”

Also, Khan pointed out that there were a couple of letters sent to federal agencies throughout the years, all of them related to the R program. No response was received so far in regards to the matter.