A Hispanic male who made his way into the country illegally on Barack Obama’s watch was feeling rather bold when he went live online to say what he wanted to do to First Lady Melania Trump. Speaking with broken English in a supermarket setting, he acted like a tough guy high on liberal entitlement, perhaps hoping that Melania would take him up on his offer. Not long after running his mouth, he got a shocking surprise.

This unnamed illegal, who can’t be much more than five feet tall and 100 pounds soaking wet, apparently likes to talk tough and thinks he has pretty good game. He announced on camera that if Donald and Melania Trump send him back to wherever he came from, he would return with a vengeance and “come for you,” according to Mediatakeout in the video below.

It’s always strange when illegals come to America for a better life, but bring the trash from the cesspool they escaped with them. That’s essentially what this little illegal did when committed a crime on tape and exuded the reality of the illegal mentality that they think they can take over the U.S., say what they want, and not experience any consequences for it since liberals are quick to defend their every action.

The video immediately went viral after pissed off people saw how brazen he was in his threat when he doesn’t belong here anyway, and began calling for his immediate deportation — instantly wiping the stupid grin off his face. Since he asked for it, Americans might as well give him the opportunity to try to prove he’s as tough as he acts on camera. This little chihuahua is barking like he’s a pit bull and won’t be able to get anywhere near the White House, but can definitely get a ride back to Mexico compliments of We The People who don’t want him in our country anyway.