VIA: If you missed President Trump‘s recent speech at a rally in Nashville, Tennessee, then you missed a real barn burner. Unfortunately, President Trump announced that a liberal, Obama holdover Federal Judge in Hawaii has blocked his new immigration ban. However, he went on to state that he’s not pussy-footing around this time, and that he’ll fight this one all the way to the Supreme Court.

Also, President Trump announced that since his inauguration, illegals crossing the border with Mexico has already dropped by 61%, and that’s because they KNOW that they’re not going to get in for free anymore. ICE has been cracking down on criminal illegal aliens hardcore since Trump was sworn in, going as far as to detain them as they’re dropping their kids off at school.

Scroll down to the video below, which online media outlet Mr. Conservative claims, by way of Mad World News, depicts ICE arresting a criminal illegal alien who showed up at a welfare office in Texas to pick up their check.