A former Muslim appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday to explain how liberals are taking the wrong approach to combating Islamic terrorism.

According to Fox News, Ayaan Hirsi Ali has unique insight into the workings of radical Islam, as she was raised as a Muslim in Somalia. She subsequently left her religion and has become prominent as a women’s rights activist and advocate for Western institutions.

Ali criticized the liberal left for not calling Islamic terrorism what it is — terrorism.

“It doesn’t matter how nice the liberals are, how accommodating, how obliging they are. Whoever is in (radical Muslims’) way is their enemy,” Ali said while speaking about the March 22 London terror attack that killed four people and injured many more.

“If you look at the Islamists, they don’t go to the liberals and say, ‘Thank you so much for letting us, you know, take over, we’ll stop terrorizing you.’ They don’t do it,” she continued.

Ali indicated that President Donald Trump is taking the right approach when it comes to keeping the United States safe from jihadists.

Watch Ali’s complete interview below:

While speaking about Trump’s controversial executive order which would temporarily ban people coming from six terrorism-prone countries, Ali complimented the president’s efforts.

“I listened to his speech in Youngstown, Ohio, when he was a candidate, and he named the problem. And so he went, you know with the travel ban, it was clumsy, he should have had a few lawyers look at it … but it doesn’t take away from the fact that there are sometimes failing or failed weak states and it’s incredibly difficult to vet people coming from there,” she said.

Ali continued to say she has no problem with vetting “for ideology” in order to keep terrorists out of the United States.

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