No greater danger exists for a criminal who preys on fear in society than people who refuse to be victims.

In Hawthorne, California, a car full of soon-to-be furious citizens was robbed at a Denny’s parking lot. However, they weren’t ones to take such abuse lying down.

In a fury, they car took off after the robber, running him down and causing him to shoot himself in the head.

And it was all caught on video:

The robber was trying to make a getaway to an escape car around the corner but never made it, according to KABC.

Hawthorne police Lt. Ti Goetz told the station: “He’s running away from the scene with a gun in his hand when the victims chased him in the car. When they struck him it launched his body up in the air and somewhere in that process, the gun in his hand fired, resulting in him getting a bullet in the head.”

Amir Obeid, the manager of the Denny’s restaurant outside of which all this happened called it a case of “vigilante justice” and didn’t seem too upset about the criminal’s wounding.

“I’m not going to say any prayers for the suspect because he kind of got what’s coming to him, you know. He decided to rob somebody and that’s what happens. You’re taking a chance whenever you do something like that,” he told KABC.

Remarkably, the man has survived the bashing, and the shooting, and is almost inexplicably listed in critical but stable condition, KABC reported.

Now, at least he will live to regret his idiotic decision.