Donald Trump has been basically unstoppable this week. He got Gorsuch, met China, and took down Assad. Unbelievable!

What will really amaze you, however, is what the Syrian people did AFTER President Trump bombed their Hom’s Airfield.

Syrians Across the World Fell in Love with Donald Trump!

Like I said, this is INCREDIBLE. Social Media has been eaten up with Pro-Trump accounts from Syria for fighting ISIS and Assad when Obama never would.

Many of them changed their Profile Pictures to President Trump in honor of his victory.

The individual support, while overwhelming, was not all our President got.

Many major Syrian anti-Assad groups sang Trump’s praises as well!

It looks like President Donald Trump has done the impossible yet again. In a matter of moments, he won over the hearts and minds of the Syrian people.

But President Trump was not done there. He also announced the building of refugee centers and safe zones INSIDE Syria to handle the Refugees without sending them across the world.

I think we all need to take a second and say a special prayer for President Trump.

“God, Thank you for blessing us with such an incredible and good-hearted leader. Please keep him and the civilians in Syria safe as he works to make America even better!”

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