We all remember how the liberals expressed their frustration during the Hillary Clinton email scandal, asking for FBI Director James Comey to be fired for the way he was handling the investigation.

Well, now that President Trump has finally decided to cut the strings and fire the corrupt Comey, many of those same liberals have ironically changed their views, just so they can oppose Trump.

Instead of confessing that President Trump made a great move, Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Patrick Leahy as well as Sen. Tim Kaine are now throwing their dirt at Trump, calling him un-American and authoritarian for firing Comey.

One of the more famous liberals who has had an about-face on Comey’s firing was Rosie O’Donnel, Trump’s old sparring partner. As soon as the news of the firing of the FBI Director broke out, Comey went full anti-Trump mode and bashed Trump for firing him.

But once again, proving that they are hypocritical morons, President Trump pointed out in a tweet on this Thursday, that O’Donnel actually WANTED to “Fire Comey”, less than five months ago.

These are the same people who created chaos on the streets of Washington D.C., in front of the White House, calling President Trump all sorts of insults.

Let’s spread the word of how hypocritical these sick Democrats are with their claims and accusations, the public needs to open their eyes and see through the dictator-image that these people are trying to paint for our President!