The United States Navy just sent the USS Michigan, a 16,000-ton nuclear-powered submarine, to South Korea.

According to Stripes: A U.S. guided-missile submarine made a port call in South Korea and the allied nations conducted maritime exercises Tuesday, while North Korea reportedly conducted a large artillery drill as tensions mounted on the divided peninsula.

The top U.S. commander in South Korea, meanwhile, warned the North that his troops were prepared for a fight.

“We’re ready, and we are committed to the [South Korea]-U.S. alliance,” Gen. Vincent Brooks said in brief remarks to reporters after a ceremony at the Army’s Yongsan Garrison in Seoul.

The nuclear-powered USS Michigan — one of the world’s largest submarines — sailed into the southeastern port city of Busan. It was the latest show of force by President Donald Trump’s administration amid fears that the North will conduct another nuclear or missile test as it celebrated a series of important holidays this month.

The latest, the 85th anniversary of the founding of North Korea’s army, appeared to pass without such a test. But both sides showed off their military might as diplomats from Japan, South Korea and the United States met in Tokyo to discuss the growing threat from the communist state.

North Korea marked the day by staging an exercise involving some 300 or 400 long-range artillery pieces that have the range to target the South Korean capital, Seoul, or adjacent areas, the Yonhap news agency reported, citing an unidentified government source.

“Signs are detected that North Korea’s military is conducting a large-scale drill around the eastern port city of Wonsan on the anniversary,” the source told Yonhap.

h/t: stripes