As most of us are aware, last night the liberal world of Hollywood had quite the feast when it came to mocking and bashing President Donald Trump during the Emmy Awards, especially since long-time vocal critic and hater of the commander-in-chief Stephen Colbert was the host.

The anti-Trump attendees were preoccupied with Trump, his family, and his administration, using every opportunity to crack a joke or undermine him in every possible way, crossing all boundaries. And despite them having a good laugh at moronic jokes, it was the president who ended up having the last laugh after the show was done, and the way he received it has liberals outraged all across the nation.

The show started off with host Stephen Colbert taking several shots at the POTUS, all while the overpaid, ultra-rich actors that have seemingly lost touch with reality were having a nice laugh, not realizing that they were in fact, the real fools of the night, and not the man they were so desperately trying to mock and undermine.

As we all know, the situation last year was similar, which ultimately brought upon an incredibly low ratings for the overall show, and while many people were surprised last year, the nation was left shocked when it had been revealed that the ratings of the Emmy show were lower than last year, reaching a new all-time low record, which only revealed that more Americans tuned out as soon as they saw what the whole show was about.

Thankfully, more and more people have started waking up on the liberal lies and schemes that they were being fed, and soon enough, the whole nation will realize the corruptness of liberal world.


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