Branson argues that the first two months since the President in office was a disaster, and estimated that it will take a maximum of one Trump mandate.

“On the other hand, Mr. Trump’s temperament is irrational, aggressive and he lacks informed ideas on how to grow jobs in America,” Branson wrote. “An entrepreneur president would put that at the heart of his plans and yet his fear-based campaign blames immigrants and open borders.”

It’s a shame for the world to have an individual at the helm of America who does not speak the truth, instead of trying to open the border, makes it hard to live in America … And so on and on, the list is long – said Branson.

As he said, there are many other business leaders who would be able to serve as President of the United States, but believes that Trump is certainly not the right person to run a big country like America.

– His first days in office are so bad that I think it would be difficult to stay for another term.