Public relations strategist and expert pollster Kellyanne Conway has played a central role in Donald Trump’s political career for a very long time.

Before she became President Trump’s advisor in the White House, she made history as the very first woman to ever be in charge of a successful presidential campaign. However, a rumor has begun to surface that may change everything for Trump and Conway.

According to multiple sources on Capitol Hill, including those from Republicans with inside information, Conway is considering leaving her extremely influential position and returning to her previous work.

 These rumors picked up steam when Katie Walsh, the White House’s Deputy Chief of Staff and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus’s closest ally, decided to abruptly quit her job and go back to the private sector in Washington.

However, Conway herself has stated that this rumor is “100% false.” Deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders threw further cold water on the rumor, saying, “Kellyanne Conway is a valued member of the president’s senior team and she is not going anywhere, and any stories that suggest otherwise are just more fake news trying to distract from this administration’s successes.” Do you think the rumor about Kellyanne quitting is true or false?