Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren recently made headlines and caught the attention of thousands of people when she posted a picture on Social Media showing off her creative Halloween costume.

Her post immediately went viral and brought her the cheers and support of patriotic Americans around the nation, but despite being pro-American, it still managed to receive backlash and negative comments from people who clearly have a problem seeing a definition of American patriotism.

The comments immediately stormed in, with most of them being centered around how Lahren was ‘violating’ a flag code, by wearing the American flag on her back.

In fact, the entire situation escalated so high to the point where even Keith Olbermann weighed in on the matter with a Twitter post, but unfortunately he didn’t realize he was going to be shut down immediately and widely humiliated in front of the entire nation by President Donald’s eldest son, Trump Jr.

But that wasn’t the best part either. Following the backlash she received, Lahren just couldn’t let all the mean comments simply slide away, and that is why she returned with a dropping of a hammer, by releasing a statement on her official Twitter account:

Her post immediately shut down all claims, especially her post description, where she wrote that the tweet is meant for the “selectively patriotic Snowflakes who are meting over a Halloween costume.” 

So unless these same haters are ready to condemn athletes which wear the official flag on their backs, they should keep their mean comments for themselves.


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