A Texas imam has had his life threatened after speaking out against the barbarity of the Islamic State group.

After Muslim cleric Omar Suleiman of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center in Irving made a name for himself denouncing Islamic extremism, the Islamic State group called for his assassination, even going so far as to feature him in one of its videos, according to Dallas News.

That video has since been taken down from YouTube according to CBS DFW.

Suleiman has definitely said the sort of things that the Islamic State group would want to suppress. He claims that Islamic extremists have “hijacked” his religion.

“I believe that their venom needs to be condemned. They’ve hijacked my religion,” he said according to CBS DFW.

You would think that  a threat against his life would cause him to back down or at least lay low for a little while, but Suleiman isn’t going anywhere.

“It makes me that much more determined when I see that hateful groups are increasing in their hatred toward us and trying to delegitimize us,” Suleiman said, according to CBS DFW. “That tells me that we’re doing something right.”

That’s certainly true — if you’re ticking off the terrorists of the Islamic State group, you’re probably doing something right.

But let’s take a look at the bigger picture here — we have a man, a Muslim man, trying desperately to promote peace and do the right thing, and he’s getting threatened for it by extremists, and this may well be the first time you’ve heard of any of this.

Were the media truly as committed to doing what’s right as they were to making headlines opposing President Donald Trump, this story would be everywhere.

H/T Independent Journal Review