The message is- we should not trust anyone who claims to be working for Trump, but who is leftover from the past. That swamp is not drained yet. There are fakers in the Republican camp, who are putting on false fronts in order to kiss up, and then tell.

This was proven with Republican Sen. John McCain recent move that caused shock and disbelieves across conservative Americans.

It is reported that republican Sen. John McCain had informal communications with Senate Democrats regarding Judge Neil Gorsuch’s candidation to the Supreme Court while warning he does not see an arrangement on keeping the filibuster for future nominations as a reasonable prospect.

According to Bloomberg Politics, the Arizona Republican wishes to avert an affirmation showdown next week, where an effective Democratic filibuster of Gorsuch’s nomination would pressure Republicans into changing the chamber rules in order to stop debate on his nomination, the alleged “nuclear-option.”

Though Bloomberg says he desires to achieve a deal with Democrats on the candidation, the senator disputes this characterization of his attempts.

Earlier McCain told The Daily Caller’s Kerry Picket: “No I’m not reaching out to the Democrats. I’ve had conversations with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. That’s all. There’s no gang. There are no negotiations. Just having some conversations. No deal. No negotiations.”

If he’s not up to something as he says, then why is it behind closed doors? He’s already proven time and time again that he can’t be trusted.

Who here believes McCain?? After all, he started making shady backroom deals with Obama a couple years ago, and now it looks like he has continued.

This proves what I’ve said for some time…McCain has always been a Democrat and needs to be voted out next election.

I’ve lost all respect for McCain. The more I’m learning about him the more I’m sure he is an obstructionist like the Democrats.