The Democrat mayor of a major liberal city is facing a public relations firestorm that could end his reelection hopes — but a political fallout may be the least of his concerns.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has now been accused of paying for sex by a fourth person. While that allegation is bad enough, an additional fact makes it even more shocking.

The Seattle Times has reported that Murray’s fourth alleged sexual assault victim was a teenage boy at the time that the incidents occurred.

Maurice Jones, now a 44-year-old man, has sworn to a court that Murray sexually assaulted him decades ago. “He recalls at least two instances when, as a teenager, Murray paid (him) for sex. Once at Murray’s apartment and once in a car,” explained Julie Kays, an attorney involved in the case.

That claim echoes the recent accusations made by Delvonn Heckard, who claims that the openly gay Seattle mayor sexually assaulted him when Heckard was a minor. Two previous people have also made similar claims.

However, Murray’s counsel has pointed to those similarities as proof that the claims may have been fabricated.

“As we’ve seen repeatedly from opposing counsel, this filing fits firmly into the category of sensational media stunt,” attorney Jeff Reading said.

“Mayor Murray does not know this person. This is an ambush, copycat, false accusation that is being made without any details, evidence, timeline or anything at all to substantiate its veracity,” Reading. claimed. “Mayor Murray has never had inappropriate relations with any minor, and Mayor Murray has never paid for sex.”

The mayor’s team has repeatedly claimed that the accusations are fabrications meant to smear Murray during his campaign for re-election. All four of the alleged victims have extensive histories of drug abuse, and all have lengthy criminal records.

Maurice Jones, for instance, first pleaded guilty to prostitution in 1988 when he was 15. Court documents located by the Seattle Times and MyNorthwest show that his past crimes have included assault and making false statements to the police.

With that said, Jones’ representative insists that his criminal history is irrelevant. “Predators pick low-hanging fruit,” stated attorney Julie Kays. “Teenage prostitutes deserve our compassion, not our condemnation — which is what the mayor and his spokesperson are doing.”

Every American is innocent until proven guilty — and that applies to Mayor Ed Murray as well.

But Americans as a fule don’t have much patience with sexual assault. And for all their talk of standing up for victims, liberals haven’t exactly covered themselves with glory when it comes down to the subject, whether it was former President Bill Clinton’s past or lesser known hooligans.

Without question, Murray will have a lot of explaining to do to voters over the next few months.

H/T: RedFlag News