How many times?  How many freaking times are we going to hear that Hillary is “changing her image?” She’s getting ready to re-re-re-introduce herself. You haven’t really gotten to know her.  The “real Hillary” isn’t coming across.

We heard variations of this theme over, and over, and over again during the 2016 campaign.  We heard it when she was Secretary of State, when she was running for Senate, and when she was First Lady.  We’ve heard some version of it for as long as she’s been in the public eye – which is almost her entire life – and it hasn’t mattered.  As I’ve written so many times before, the more people hear from and learn about Hillary, the less they like her.

Nothing is going to change that.

Yet, here we are.  As we discussed the other day, Hillary has plans. She is, allegedly, working on ramping up her 2020 campaign.  …And a big part of that is “changing her image.”

The story comes to us via author Ed Klein, writing at Townhall. His source indicates that wheels both terrifying and ridiculous are already in motion:

She’s already brought back the irreplaceable Huma Abedin—the only person Hillary has decided to keep from the inner circle of her presidential campaign.

“She’s looking for speech writers and advance people,” said the source. “It’s real important to her that they be new blood. She believes the old guard failed her in the campaign.

“She says she is going to get back to work, high profile,” the source continued. “She wants to change her image—liven it up. She wants to reinvent herself. She’s working on putting together a war chest, getting a leased plane—the whole stuff of campaigning.

“She has many requests for interviews, appearances and speeches, and she’s weighing which ones to do. In the next months she is going to be all over the place, speaking up and raising hell.”

Oh good.  Hillary’s going to be “raising hell.”  That’s just what we all need: more hell

Oh good.  Hillary’s going to be “raising hell.”  That’s just what we all need: more hell.

There’s a very tired saying about the definition of insanity that I won’t repeat here.  All I’ll say is this: Hillary was rejected in 2008.  She was rejected in 2016.  She is one of the most well-know, least liked, people in American politics.  “Re-branding” isn’t possible, and it won’t be effective.  She had two bites at the apple, and a third will reveal the exact same worm.

If this is the freshest blood the Democrats have, if this is truly the best their spit-deep bench can offer, they will reveal themselves to be the weak, irrelevant, bi-coastal party that they seem to have become.