Police have cordoned off a 1 by 1.5 mile area in Tampa, Florida while they investigate the fourth murder in less than a month, believing that what appears to be a new serial killer is still within the populate neighborhood.

Just a few hours ago, another murder victim has been found. Ronald Felton was shot around 4:51am early this morning as he crossed the street in Tampa on his way to his volunteer job to feed the homeless with his local church. Felton was a 60-year-old construction worker and leaves behind three adult children.

All four of the murder victims so far have had nothing apparent in common except for the fact that they were killed in the same area, and they were all alone at the time of their deaths. The first three victims were all killed at night, and Mr. Felton was the first to be killed in the morning, but still under cover of darkness.

At an 8am press conference held by Tampa police, Chief Brian Dugan said that they’ve had another murder, with Mayor Bob Buckhorn saying that the perpetrator will be hunted until found. Police are saying that everyone in the Seminole Heights district marked on the above map much lock their doors and they have been ordered to stay inside until they hear back from the police that it is safe to leave. At the time of the shooting of Mr. Felton, police were only moments away during a patrol but missed catching the murderer. This morning a police spokesperson said to reporters:

As well, people in the area should check their gun safes to make sure that there have been no burglaries, as the killer, who is believed to be a resident in the neighborhood, may have broken into homes to steal firearms.

Witnesses are saying that a black male in his early 20s ran away from the area after the shooting this morning, and that he was wearing a dark hooded jacket. Police later described the suspect as a thin black male with a light complexion, standing approximately six feet to six feet and two inches tall. He is armed with a large, black pistol, and was last seen wearing a baseball hat.

This video from Fox News is from three weeks ago and shows footage of someone sprinting away from the scene of one of the murders.


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