While Snoop Dogg is getting a visit from the Secret Service for depicting himself shooting President Trump, Snoop’s nephew Moss Bow Wow’s comment may also land him a visit:

This tweet clearly show Lil’ Bow Wow plans to forcefully take Melania and “pimp” her out.
Moss’s fans instantly turned on the rapper the ill-advised comment:

And while he thought that he would provoke the public to act out and speak up against Trump to support him and his uncle Snoop, all he received was bad attention for his disgraceful tweet. Maybe Bow Wow should think it all the way through next time he decides to make a comment concerning the First Lady.

If you ask us, what he wrote was a full-blown ticket for a meeting with the Secret Service, and we hope he gets one as soon as possible.

These people made a fortune from their disgraceful and offending music, and now they think they can run around, make threats to and for the First Family? Well, they are in for one hell of a ride.

h/t: redstatewatcher