According to a new poll released by Morning Consult, Chelsea Clinton wouldn’t have very much support if she chose to run for elected office. Close to half of the registered voters polled, do not want to see Chelsea run for office.

From The Daily Caller

Nearly half of the registered voters polled said they would prefer not to see Clinton run for office, according to the online survey.

Only 27 percent of nearly 2,000 respondents said they would like Clinton to run, and about a quarter said they didn’t know or didn’t have an opinion.

Respondents were asked, “Would you like to see Chelsea Clinton run for political office one day, or not?”

The number of Democrats who supported a potential Clinton candidacy was naturally larger at 48 percent.

About 75 percent of Republicans opposed a future Clinton run for office.

Morning Consult ran the nation-wide, online poll from April 27 through April 30, soon after Clinton went on a media campaign, which included covers on Elle Magazine and Variety, and an interview on “CBS This Morning.

h/t: dailycaller