Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Karen, has been mostly kept out the spotlight, likely for intentional reasons of her privacy and perhaps even her safety. So, when he went public with a tragic announcement on Saturday, it came as a horrible surprise since this beloved couple doesn’t deserve what just happened.

The lunatic left will stop at nothing to systematically assault anyone or involved with the Trump administration. While their focus has mostly been on ruthlessly attacking the women and children in President Trump’s family, they have now turned their attention on the Vice President, to see what damage they can do to his wife. Karen found herself at the center of their wrath in an unwarranted violation of her privacy when disturbed liberals exposed her to the public.

Pence took to Twitter over the weekend to condemn the Associated Press who stooped to a new low by publishing his wife’s e-mail address. Breitbart reported that Pence slammed the news source for not only making her private information available to every lunatic out there but for also refusing to take it down after they were respectfully asked to do so.

As violating as this situation is, for which Pence is rightfully irate about, he has handled it with the utmost amount of class and professionalism — unlike the hateful reporter responsible for the story who refuses is order of removal. Since this individual ignored his request and his letter sent by Counsel to the Vice President Mark Paoletta, Pence is now demanding at least an apology. True to liberal form, he’s not getting that either since this reporter somehow feels justified in this low blow to a woman who has done nothing other than to be married to an incredible Christian man who was elected as our Vice President.

This will likely be the first of more attacks on this innocent woman who is in need of our prayers of protection over her since we have seen how vicious the left has been on women associated with our administration. It’s disgusting that this continues to occur since such things were never seen with the Obamas and if they had, the response would have been far less respectable than what we’re seeing from Pence who is showing a lot of restraint.

via Dailyeb