Former House Speaker John Boehner will most likely depart this world within the next couple of days after a short but violent battle with brain and lung cancer. Wanting to leave with a clean conscience, he summoned an old friend, Curtis Purdy of the Washington Post, to give an interview that Purdy says will destroy the career of Paul Ryan.

Ryan, who had little to do with Boehner’s departure from the Speaker’s job, also did very little to prevent it from happening. The House Freedom Caucus, well known as the dominant force since the Tea Party took congress in 2010, wanted Boehner gone for being too moderate. The next few months were ripe with uncertainty as a replacement was hard to come by.

Ryan, during those months, pushed back against moderates who wanted him to run for the job, saying that he had no desire to be the next victim of the right-wing hardliners, but eventually took the job with little resistance and has settled into the role.

Purdy, who spent more than four hours with Boehner for the farewell interview, says the deal Ryan struck with the Freedom Caucus will disgust Americans on both sides of the aisle. Purdy also has an exclusive about the 2012 election that will put the final nail in the coffin of Mitt Romney’s political career.

The Post has confirmed that the interview occurred but that it won’t be made public until after Boehner has died and a proper period of mourning has been observed, out of respect for his long and illustrious career. Boehner’s family has asked for privacy during this difficult time.