Unsurprisingly, Obama hasn’t actually left his political motives behind. He has been operating a shadow government in an attempt to dismantle the Trump Administration. This is the only way they can stop President Trump now. He has his train rolling and he is doing what he promised. So Obama, Soros, and Clinton are colluding with other globalists to stop America from standing in the way of their agenda.

From Truth Monitor:

Earlier this month, Donald Trump made headlines when he claimed that Barack Obama had wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower last year. This came amidst claims that the Obama administration spent its final few months trying to sabotage Trump’s presidency in any way they could.

Though Obama and his team denied these claims, a new video just came out indicating that Trump was right all along.

Truthfeed reported that several officials in the Obama administration are coming forward to confirm that they were indeed ordered to “work against” incoming President-Elect Trump. Clearly, Obama had no intention of actually conducting the “peaceful transfer of power” that is typically expected of our presidents.

When this is dismantled, Obama and his cohorts will be indicted for treason and crimes against the American people. This ignorance of the left is unreal. If they were doing this during the Obama Admin, it would be racist and be all over the MSM. That’s called privilege, but that’s a subject for another day. Shadow government is something straight out of 1984. President Trump has a tough fight ahead, but if there is anyone who can do it, it’s him.

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