Obama loved to hide his mistakes from America, and the mainstream media helped him do it. We need to hold these politicians accountable for their lies.

Obama even covered for terrorists. A FBI translator, Daniela Greene, married an ISIS terrorist and helped him carry out a horrible terrorist act, and Obama said nothing about it. He hid the truth, again. (via CNN)

Can Obama do anything right, or does he just hate the truth? Either way, he should not have been our president because he clearly didn’t care about us. The mainstream media needs to hold this man accountable.

We cannot rely on the media to cover Obama’s crimes. If they do cover his mistakes, they spin the mistakes into successes. Really? Why can’t these journalists be honest with us?

The Left loves to elect criminals as their president. Liberals hate the truth, and they hate admitting that their politicians are incompetent. Could you imagine if we had Hillary Clinton as president? Our country would have been in utter chaos.

Thankfully, the silent majority spoke, and we have now chosen Donald Trump. With Trump in office, we can finally start to see accountability. We will finally start to see and hear the truth. We deserve the truth, and the swamp hates to give it to us.

The Democrats are a group of corrupt liars. The swamp is filled with Democrats and RINOs. Both groups would rather lie and distort the truth than admit their shortcomings.

Because of the RINOs, we haven’t repealed and replaced Obamacare. Because of the RINOs, Trump didn’t get anything he wanted in the spending bill. Because of the RINOs, Trump is struggling to fulfill his promises to us. We need to replace these RINOs.

The mainstream media and the Left are loving this. They love to see the RINOs succeed. Every time they obstruct Trump, they pop open a bottle of expensive champagne. It is sad to see these people celebrate when they harm our great nation. We cannot allow Obama to get away with his incompetence. We must demand that Obama admit the truth. He needs to admit that he failed our country. Because of Obama, we now have radical Islam and Sharia law in our country.

Obama even let this FBI agent become an ISIS terrorist, and he said nothing! This is unacceptable. He should have at least admitted that an American had been compromised. Instead, he hid the truth, and the mainstream media helped him.