The North Korean government, led by Kim Jong Un, is widely known to censor almost everything from the outside world, but one defector recently claimed that Kim’s control of information is weakening, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

In an interview with the Free Beacon, Choi Jeong Hun, who runs the radio station Free North Korea Radio based in Seoul, South Korea, explained that more and more people in North Korea have been starting to get information from the outside world.

“Things have changed within two to five years; information has gone into North Korea and has changed the mindset of the people,” Choi explained. “You now have an entirely different generation in North Korea made up of people who are exposed to outside information when they are really young.”

In the age of Twitter, 24/7 news and other forms of mass communication, North Korea truly remains one of the last nations in the world where people don’t have access to instant forms of communication, though that may be coming to an end.

For years, defectors working in concert with the South Korean and American governments have been sending information into North Korea in order to show its people that things in the outside world really aren’t as horrible as the Kim government claims and to encourage them to stand up to it.

“It’s significant to note that the collapse of a dictatorship often begins when people don’t obey the authorities,” Choi said, recounting an event in which passengers on a train actually stood up to State Security Bureau agents who were “harassing” a mother and her child for not having the correct papers.

The hope of all of these attempts to disseminate information is that if military officers in North Korea see how they have been lied to, when the time comes they will lay down their weapons and surrender peacefully in a confrontation with the West.

“If we establish a wide network inside the military, then it would create a huge change. This will basically dissolve the military system that supports the North Korean regime,” Choi explained.

Unfortunately, people questioning the North Korean regime, and potential defections from the military, might cause Kim Jong Un and his hard-line supporters to do something rash (like launching a missile at the United States) in order to retain control.

The Korean Peninsula is one of the most difficult spots on the planet, but hopefully President Donald Trump will find a way to resolve the crisis.