These last few days the media had a ton of spin about Comey’s firing. One of the worst was that Trump fired him right after Comey requested more resources to investigate Russian interference. It turns out that was not all that true.

During the hearing with the James Comey’s replacement, Senator Susan Collins asked acting Director Andrew McCabe if he could confirm any of the claims that Comey requested more Russia resources right before Trump fired him.

That’s when McCabe dropped this bombshell…

“I was not aware of that request and it is not consistent in how we request additional resources.”

Oh man. And if that was not enough, he also backed it up by reassuring them that the FBI had more than adequate resources to investigate Russia.

Now, let me tell you straight up that I am no fan of Andrew McCabe. After all, McCabe was heading the Clinton email investigation when his wife got a nice $500,000 donation from Clinton’s Best Buddy, Terry McCauliffe.

Still, I believe it is vital to the future of this nation that we get this out and correct the record. I mean this is straight from the horse’s mouth, folks. No “if, and, or but” about it. That’s why we gotta share this with our family and friends and let them all know.