Crazy jihadi Muslims attack cars were thrown down fences burn tires on the road to block the main roads

The disturbing footage shows Muslim migrants block traffic on a street in Paris. The refugees then wreak complete havoc, throwing tires at cars and eventually setting fires.

While the media attention is directed to the refugee crisis in Germany, France’s highways in Normandy are descending into complete chaos and lawlessness.

France’s rule of law has ceased to exists in the area around Calais. In Europe highways used to be inaccessible to pedestrian traffic.

Nowadays in France immigrants are wandering on the highways, and trucks are being stormed, which has become the “new normal”. As the events are unfolding in France, European mainstream media are ignoring them. Calais has had a migrant problem for more than 10 years, but since last year the situation has been deteriorating rapidly.

The governments in Paris, London and Brussels have completely lost control, they are not able to maintain the rule of law and they are miserably failing to protect their citizens.

THIS is what Trump is trying to protect us from. SHARE this story if you support his travel ban! Watch below:

We must stop this before they came to our country and destroy everything we have created over the centuries!