What makes Melania Trump a powerful First Lady is that she uses her voice with intention and not just to be heard, but understood. Although she’s been attacked for supposedly being timid and unopinionated, the left just got a shocking wake-up call when she broke her silence to say what you would have never heard loud-mouth Michelle Obama let slip from her lips.

If there is one thing that both liberals and feminists share an equal hate for, it’s women who are both beautiful and powerful who also speak their minds. Until this week, they failed to realize that Melania Trump is all of these things and now have new reason to detest her for what she wasn’t afraid to say.

In a celebration of honorable women this week, put on by the Department of State, Melania had the pleasure of presenting awards to these heroines who have accomplished leadership roles in their community, despite unspeakable persecution they’ve faced. “Melania Trump presented awards at the 2017 International Women of Courage ceremony to honor 13 women who have shown great strength and perseverance in the face of horrid adversity,” the Angry Patriot Movement reported.

According to Breitbart, the majority of the women rightfully being honored at the event came from oppressed areas of Africa and other Muslim-majority countries where they were forced to endure barbaric cultural practices — due in part to Sharia Law.  “The era of allowing brutality against women and children is over,” Melania announced in the presentation.

What’s makes Melania’s statement extra incredible, is that she too is standing as an example of overcoming from other challenges, but struggles that feminists who discredited her have never faced. Along with denying the power of Melania’s voice and life experience, liberals ignorance extends into the atrocities of other cultures which they wish to allow in America, that the women at this event had to escape to make a life for themselves free from slavery.

“In America, there are no structural or legal barriers against women, and discrimination is illegal,” the angry Patriot reported. This is interesting considering that feminists fighting for equality also believe Sharia should be accepted, despite there the fact that there’s no other culture where women are more oppressed than Islam.

If liberals and feminists were truly concerned about women and women’s rights, then they would be praising our immigrant First Lady and what she had to say about powerful women overcoming brutality and making it the land of the free. That’s not what their movement is about, which is more for their personal gain that progression.