In the past couple of months, we have heard about how President Trump is against our country. There has obviously been NO evidence of this, but we DO have evidence proving that the Left is more involved with Russia than they would like to admit.

According to the Daily Caller, Republican Georgia Sen. David Perdue took the Democrats to task Thursday. He let everyone know that 30 Dems met up with Russian diplomats to pitch the Iran Deal to them. Yet, they want to talk about treason in the Trump cabinet? Why haven’t we heard about this?!

Perdue had a good reason for coming to light with this information. The Left has been trying to get Jeff Sessions to retire by saying that he lied to congress about communications that he had with a Russian ambassador. The hypocrisy from the Left is enough to leave you with your jaw hanging open in shock.

How could they possibly act as if they are the definition of saints, when they worked to get a bunch of CRIMINALS to safety? It does not make any sense. The Left will sit there and try to call racist if anyone calls them out on their nonsense.

We are at a point where you can’t question anyone on the Left, particularly with facts, unless you want to be talked down to regarding baseless claims. We should be able to sit down and have a factual conversation to move our country forward. Instead, the Left is too emotional to even listen to anything that anyone else has to say.

The only way we are going to move forward in our great nation is if we hold these people committing treason accountable. There is clear evidence that they are partaking in shady behavior, yet no one has questioned them yet.

Perdue noted this during his speaking session. He said, “We have literally reached a point where members of this body are slandering former colleagues for having and taking the same opportunities afforded to them.”

The best way that we can get a handle on this situation is if we start auditing our government to the fullest extent. They need to be more transparent with us, otherwise, this type of behavior is going to continue. They serve us, and in that sense, we have every right to know what they are getting involved in.

Our hope for the next couple of years is seeing a government that will be open with us. They need to be accountable, and this presidential office understands the importance of transparency. We are confident that President Trump is going to do everything possible to give the public more insight into what the government is up to.

We are hoping that he opens up a case against the Democrats who met with the Russians. It just seems odd that this has been ignored, despite all of the hate speech coming from the Left about Trump and everyone who is even remotely associated with him.

I think we deserve to know what’s going on behind closed government doors! Don’t you, fellow patriots?