Meet Rose Marcario, CEO of overpriced clothing manufacturer Patagonia and unrepentant Obama acolyte.

She enjoys walking about in nature, spending time with empty-headed liberals and dressing up as a lumber jack.

Her turn-ons include anything with a picture of Obama on it. Her turn-offs include Americans having a right to protect land from unlawful government seizure.

Breitbart reports that the troll-like Marcario is so in fits about President Trump’s reversal of an Obama land grab that she is dedicating her entire company to the #Resist movement.

At issue is the occurrence of Obama descending from the clouds of Olympian D.C. to snatch up millions of private acreage in Washington state, a move that polls show infuriated 60 percent of residents.

Marcario, who lives in California and knows what is better for those in Washington state than indigenous citizens do, praised Obama’s fascistic move to abscond with private land so that he could have monuments built.

Now she is undone thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In a self-serving statement flowered with vintage liberal bumper sticker sayings, Marcario responded by saying, “A president does not have the authority to rescind a national monument. An attempt to change the boundaries ignores the review process of cultural and historical characteristics and the public input.”

Oh, now she is responding to the need for public input. What a well-timed epiphany.

Perhaps the public needs to review their relationship with a company that favors tyranny over the freedom of the states.

Boycott this woman and her company!


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