A convicted child sex offender is working with an ultra-liberal activist group in Maine, go figure…

The Daily Caller reported:

Convicted sex offender Douglas Lane is working with Maine’s largest left-leaning activist group Maine People’s Alliance.

Lane was seen working with young volunteers and attending events with the group on several occasions, despite the fact that he has two convictions for sexually assaulting a minor child, according to a report from Main First Media.

The site published several pictures that show Lane attending a “refugee solidarity event” with several young participants. He’s also shown participating in a candlelight vigil and working in Maine People’s Alliance branch office.

The Daily Caller News Foundation was unable to verify to what extent Lane is affiliated with the Maine People’s Alliance since the group didn’t respond to a request for comment from multiple offices. It is unknown if he is a paid employee or a volunteer with the organization.

Lane was convicted of two counts of gross sexual assault in the Androscoggin County Superior Court on Dec. 6, 1999, according to the Maine Police Department. Supervisor of the Maine State Sex Offender Registry Greg Paquet confirmed that the first offense occurred in 1996 and another in 1997. The victim in both cases was under 14 years of age at the time of the offense.

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