The president of the Clinton News Network is worried about the future of journalism.

Gosh almighty, what will we do?

Apparently, CNN’s president, Jeff Zucker, is worried about the future of (his) press.

New York Times reporter Liam Stack posted a tweet this week that claimed that Zucker said that “Journalism is threatened by senior officials in our own government” at the Overseas Press Club of America awards gala Thursday night.

The jab, seemingly at President Donald Trump, is almost laughable coming from the left-leaning news station. And even if Zucker didn’t mean to, he revealed the real truth surround the American media and the Trump White House.

CNN doesn’t have much love for Trump or, well, pretty much anything conservative. So its executives resort to whining.

They’re “in danger” because they’re no longer living high on the hog under former President Barack Obama. (“Under” being the operative word for an ostensibly free media that disgraced itself sucking up to the powers of Washington for the eight years Obama was in office.)

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

And it is exactly what happens when the mainstream media does not get its way.

They are under the impression that they are journalism, and if they’re not getting their way, journalism is in peril. Well, guess what?

Your constant spray of “very fake news” isn’t landing like it once was because you’ve lost a massive portion of your credibility, Jeff.

No one cares about what you think, and fewer and fewer care about what you do.

Straighten up your insane reporting, or get out of the game — the American people are seeing the scales falling from their own eyes, and they’re not happy with what they’re seeing at CNN.

H/T TheBlaze