Campus Reform headed to Harvard’s campus to ask students who was more dangerous: President Donald Trump or ISIS? Their answers, while not shocking, are incredibly disturbing as the pampered snowflakes evidenced that they are massively detached from reality. According to these leftist college students, Trump is more dangerous than ISIS.

While it’s not surprising that pampered elitist young adults are out of touch with reality, as we know that our institutions of higher education are little more than leftist indoctrination factories in many cases, the answers these students offered were pathetic on numerous levels.

First, it’s more than a skosh concerning that the level of discourse evidenced by Ivy League students included calling Trump an asshole and claims that terrorism is no big whoop because it’s super far away.

If our previous report about how Ivy League universities fleece the taxpayer wasn’t infuriating enough, couple it with this video and it’s even worse.

Louder with Crowder laid out how absurd these students’ answers were, discussing how they are so very upset by Trump telling the truth about things like immigration and how they find those doses of reality dropped by the president more offensive than the reality that ISIS is chopping off people’s heads.

But hey, as Louder with Crowder went on to point out, according to these confused students, ISIS is over there and junk! Yeah, not quite.

Besides, ISIS is “over there.” Which ignores recent terror attacks in the United States. Like in San Bernardino, where Islam’s version of Bonnie and Clyde acquired guns in a notoriously gun restricted state, and shot up a Christmas party. But hey, San Bernardino is “over there” when you’re cozied up in a dorm at Harvard believing you’re more important than you are. Closer to home was the Florida Airport Shooter, who you’ve probably forgotten all about. His story quickly disappeared when it was revealed he was Muslim and… loved the ISIS. Lastly, read CONFIRMED: Ohio State University Attacker? Inspired by ISIS.So sorry kids. ISIS is already here. And sorry, but actions speak louder than words. Even if those words are “mean.”

If this doesn’t convince people that the left’s ideology is dangerously insane, I don’t know what will.