The Lying and Corrupt News Media never lets the truth get in the way of a good character assassination hit piece.

On Tuesday, March 7, the CBS Evening News, anchored by news reader Scott Pelly, continued the liberal lie that Thomas Jefferson fathered children with slave Sally Hemings.  Even though DNA evidence has proven that Jefferson was not the father of her children, it’s too salacious a story for the liberal media to leave alone.  In the CBS story, reporter Chip Reed claimed that the Jefferson/Hemings liaison is “…widely accepted by historians…,” which is just code for “we don’t have proof of this, but we want to run with it anyway.”

The Jefferson/Hemings lie is demonstrably false, but it has everything the dishonest media need.  Accusations of sexual impropriety against a powerful, beloved, white male: check.  Victimization of a poor, black, female slave: check. Innuendo and urban legends as proof: check.  With those boxes checked, they’re good to go.

 This libelous accusation dates back to 1802 when discredited political journalist James T. Callender invented the preposterous notion that President Jefferson not only fathered many children with Hemings, but kept her as a concubine as well.  There was zero proof then, but that didn’t stop Callender or Jefferson’s other detractors from running with this salacious gossip.  Then, in 1998 when modern DNA proof cleared Thomas Jefferson, but pointed to his brother Randolph, the liberal news media recanted and apologized for spreading lies.  No, of course they didn’t.  I was just fooling with you.  Instead, they doubled down on it and spread the lie in an attempt to shape popular opinion into the provably false belief that Jefferson sired bastard children with one of his black slaves.

I’m not a scientist, nor was I there to interview the characters in this drama, but I’ll take the word of experts who actually examined Jefferson’s DNA and compared it with those in Hemings’ family.  Apparently, the news media couldn’t do likewise.  They found their conclusion in the rumor and have repeated it ever since in order to comply with the adage “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.”

Liberals can’t stand decency or Christian morality, so they invent lies to tear down noble men and women, and the false tale about Jefferson is yet another chapter from the liberal playbook of deceit.

In the CBS piece, reporter Reed also allowed author Shannon LaNier to promote his book and his belief that he’s a descendent of Jefferson and Hemings, despite having no evidence to back up that claim, either.  Of course, no counter-argument was presented in the interview; just LaNier’s claim that he’s the sixth great grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings.

Although we’ve read and heard actual evidence of the bias, distortion, and outright lies that the liberal news media have spread in order to back up their specious arguments, this one is especially galling because it was so easily and summarily disproven.  By most reliable accounts, Thomas Jefferson was man of high integrity and deep compassion who treated his slaves as people rather than property and provided for their welfare.  Yet, the truth doesn’t have a chance when faced with the bullhorn of alleged journalists who conspire to deceive the public in order to advance their agenda.  They should be ashamed, or fined for their lies, but neither will happen.  They’ll give themselves a phony award and accolades and move on to their next target to destroy.  However, with enough information as ammunition, we can halt the advance of scurrilous lies and, hopefully, restore the dignity and honor to true American heroes such as Thomas Jefferson.

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