Our veterans are without a doubt some of the most important people in our country. They have made the ultimate sacrifice to ensure that we get to remain a free nation. They deserve EVERY citizen’s respect.

President Trump recently signed an executive order that is going to destroy and rebuild the system for veterans that Obama had in place. Before signing the order he made sure to let everyone know, “Those who fail our veterans will be held, for the first time, accountable.”

We are thrilled to see the executive order on improving accountability and whistleblower protection signed. It is about time that something is done for the people in our country who fought for our freedom. This order features some really exciting premises that are going to take effect right away.

President Trump put a website up that shows the wait time at EVERY veterans hospital in our country. This is going to be a big change, considering most of the time you never knew what to expect until you got there.

He made a tongue-in-cheek joke and said it is nothing like the “Obamacare website.” Trump then laughed and said, “Does anyone remember that website? No? That’s okay, we don’t have to remember that website anymore.” You HAVE to love how bold and in-your-face he is to the Left.

President Trump knows that he is enemy number one to them, and like the rest of us, no one really understands why. They are unable to have a conversation and explain why they dislike him, they seem to just be able to call him a racist and scream.

There is also a part in the order that holds the people who care for our veterans accountable for their actions. We are DONE seeing our veterans treated badly due to Obama’s dangerous and outdated policies.

People were literally dying because they were not able to go and see the Veterans Affairs doctors for something that was completely curable. That is not going to be the case anymore. Under this order, time is going to be drastically reduced so that veterans can get in, and get taken care of quickly.

We would bet that the Left does not even know about this order being passed yet. The only reason they do not know is because the mainstream media has not come up with some reason why everyone needs to be mad about it. Oddly enough, the only executive orders the Left seems to know are the ones they are told they should be outraged about.

If they knew that President Trump is doing stuff like this for our country and the people that live here, you would think that they would change their tune a little bit. The sad part is, nothing is going to change, they will continue acting like this regardless of the many facts that are front and center.

The next four — hopefully eight — years are going to be exciting for veterans and civilians alike. We cannot wait to see what else President Trump has in store to make America GREAT again!