Despite the strong public disapproval over the national anthem protests, the 22 players took a knee during the playing of the national anthem and some of the players even crossed the line by flashing the Black Power salute.

The bigheaded players explained that they don’t use the platform to show disrespect to the military or veterans, but to grab attention to police brutality and racial injustice in America. However, no matter how hard these players try to spin their disgusting protest they aren’t gaining any fans to their misused cause.

On Sunday, Miami Dolphins learned that actions like protesting the national anthem is very likely to have consequences and it is a high time.

Last year, former San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick managed to spark a controversy by kneeling during the national anthem. The original reason behind the protest rooted in the Black Lives Matter ideology that white police officers killed black Americans disproportionally. Although the message wasn’t clear and now consist of players who protest against President Trump, racial inequality, and many other causes social justice warriors are supporting that week.

Despite the many times these unappreciative players changed their reasons for the protest people will always remember to it as a demonstration against law enforcement.

Police officers in America lay their lives on the line everyday to protest and serve the American citizens, but a group like Black Lives Matter advertizing their racist agenda, managed to put cops under attack.

As players on the Miami Dolphins began to kneel during the national anthem cops in the area were distressed, and as a result, not many police officers volunteered to protest these entitled players.

Here is more from the Miami-Herald:

The head of the union representing Miami-Dade police officers said there will be less than the “ideal” number of officers at Hard Rock Stadium for Sunday’s Dolphins-New York Jets game after officers eschewed the detail in reaction to Dolphins’ player’s national anthem protests.

Dade County Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera said Sunday morning the police presence will be “the minimal amount where they feel safe, but I don’t think they’re going to have the ideal amount.”

Rivera said 400 officers would be best for a Dolphins-Jets game, which he said is one of the two or three that generate the most fights in the Hard Rock Stadium stands and create the most problems. He expects there to be 270 officers at Sunday’s game and the department had to mandate certain officers work to reach that number. Those officers will get overtime pay, which is more than the off-duty rate paid to those who volunteered.

In a statement to NBC6, Miami-Dade police said, “Any shortfall in volunteer officers does not necessarily indicate that the game will result in less safety. We are weighing alternate options with our law enforcement and security partners to accomplish the desired outcome.”

Radio host Andy Slater first reported Thursday that many Miami-Dade police officers were considering refusing to work the off-duty detail in reaction to Dolphins players Michael Thomas, Kenny Stills and Julius Thomas continuing to kneel during the national anthem to protest social injustice and police brutality. After the Dolphins enacted a policy that all players on the field must stand for the anthem, the three players remain in the tunnel until the anthem has finished.

Since last season, Stills and Michael Thomas, joined by Julius Thomas this season, have participated in programs with local law enforcement and citizens discussing the issues.

Rivera said as of Thursday, only 170 officers had signed up for the off-duty detail and many officers were worried about being pressured by the department to work the detail. So he sent an e-mail he said that stated, “For those officers who are willing to work or need the money, work. For those who don’t want to work it for whatever reason, don’t work it.’ We weren’t taking one side or the other.”

Rivera said Slater accurately quoted the e-mail as including, “The irony of all this is that they disrespect the very officers that are there to protect them, the team owners and the property they own.”

The moral of this story is pretty simple, don’t bite the hand that feeds you or in this case, protects you.

There are plenty of worthy causes that NFL players could be drawing attention to, but they instead alienate their fan base and anger law enforcement. Maybe now they will rethink their disrespectful protest and find a new way to promote unity rather than division.

h/t: freedomdaily

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