He broke into his neighbor’s home and recorded himself molesting their 6-year-old daughter. Now, an illegal immigrant faces 50 years in a United States federal prison for his heinous crimes.

According to Breitbart, 40-year-old Guatemala native Edwin Velasquez-Curuchiche pleaded guilty to two counts of producing child pornography.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, while Curuchiche lived in Lebanon, Tennessee, in 2015, he befriended his neighbors to get to know their children, who were ages 9,6, and an infant.

The Tennesseean reported that Curuchiche would often come over to the home when the parents were away, enticing the children with cellphone games.

In September, 2015, Curuchiche tricked the children’s mother into letting him borrow the key, which he then made a copy of without the mother’s consent, according to The Tennessean. He then used the key to break into the home while the family was asleep and recorded himself sexually abusing the 6-year-old girl.

In October, 2015, Curuchiche again broke into the family home to commit the same crime. Once, the girl awoke and ran to tell her parents what happened, but her parents did not find anyone in the room. They chalked up the girl’s claims to a wild imagination.

It was not until Oct. 29, 2015, that her parents finally learned the truth. They had just returned from running errands while Curuchiche was in the girl’s bedroom. While the criminal hid under the bed, the girl ran to her parents to tell them. The girl’s father found the criminal hiding in his daughter’s closet. That’s when he grabbed Curuchiche and held him until police arrived.

According to WZTV, court documents reveal that Curuchiche was apprehended at the U.S. border when he tried to enter the country illegally in 2013. Somehow, he was able to enter anyway, and was living in the country illegally at the time of the crimes.

Acting U.S. Attorney Jack Smith said Curuchiche’s case was one of the worst he’s ever heard, calling the extent of the crimes “unimaginable.”

“The defendant’s conduct here is among the most egregious that I have ever seen,” Smith said. “It is almost unimaginable that an innocent child and her family were subjected to such horrific acts by an intruder who masked himself as a family friend.”

Indeed, justice was served on May 15, 2017,  when a federal judge slapped a 50-year prison sentence on Curuchiche.

This is one more reason the United States needs to crack down on illegal immigration. Curuchiche was able to sneak into the country thanks to former President Barack Obama’s lenient law enforcement. The sooner these criminals leave the country, the better.