Since her mother’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election, rumors of Chelsea Clinton’s potential political future have been swirling, and one prominent news site seems to have been encouraging it lately.

Between March 1 and March 15, The Hill tweeted about the Clinton daughter a whopping 40 times, ranging from her comments on Sen. Bernie Sanders to blasting conservatives and Republican leaders.

In one recent article about the former first daughter’s political future, The Hill went to great lengths to discuss the ways in which Clinton has “fueled” speculations about running for political office, but ultimately ended up with a bunch of quotes and information from people who either didn’t think it was a good idea or didn’t think it would happen any time soon.

In fact, her own chief of staff, Bari Lurie, told The Hill that Clinton wasn’t interested in political office.

“She is not running,” Lurie explained.

But, that didn’t stop The Hill from titling the article, “Chelsea Clinton fuels speculation of political run.” Their evidence? Clinton has been outspoken on social media about her disagreements with President Donald Trump and other political leaders.

If that’s The Hill’s criteria for someone planning to run for office, they better start looking into the millions of other people who voice their political beliefs on social media on a daily basis.

The truth is that the liberals at The Hill have been so distraught by their great political loss in 2016 that they can’t think about anything else and have pushed the Chelsea Clinton political narrative for their own feel-good purpose.

(Although, I’m not sure how having a Clinton running for office could make anyone feel better.)

“Who looks around and sees a party laid to ruins by Hillary’s disastrous campaign and thinks ‘I know! Let’s get her kid to run for office!’” conservative news site Red State wondered in a recent article titled, “She’s Not a Thing. Stop Making Chelsea Clinton a Thing.”

You would think, based on the last presidential election, that Democrats would have learned their lesson about trying to get voters excited about a Clinton in office.

The last thing we need in American politics is another scandal-magnet, corrupt Clinton affecting national laws and policy — we’re still trying to clean up the mess left behind from the last Clinton who had their hand in our national politics.


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