In an opinion piece for, former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren admitted Saturday it is still “hard to come to grips with” the idea of having an active “tweeter” as president.

Van Susteren looked back on President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office exclusively through the tweets he has sent since moving into the Oval Office.

“President Trump is the ‘tweeter-in-chief,’” Van Susteren said. “We have a tweeting president and a very active one at that.”

While she says the concept is still one she’s getting used to, Van Susteren said it’s also a sign of the times.

“But face it, this is 2017 and we have a president who doesn’t have a quill and an ink bowl,” she added. “He has an iPhone and 140 characters.”

One of her concerns about the president’s use of social media to make statements versus a traditional press conference is it doesn’t allow for follow-up questions that are designed to provide clarity on his answers.

“These are serious times with serious issues and somehow this feels more like a game of cat and mouse with the media,” she wrote.