Well, it seems as if the CIA and FBI have finally decided to ditch the MSM’s narrative of ‘Russians hacked and leaked,’ and are now admitting (by launch of a “insider” manhunt) that perhaps WikiLeaks had it right all along. A traitor on the inside was the real hack and leak!

CBS revealed the news yesterday that both the FBI and the CIA are investigating the source of the leak from within the CIA itself.

Whether or not this source is believed to be an independent contractor or an agent has not yet been made public, via CBS.

All along, lax security in the U.S. was to blame, not the Russian windmills that Democrats keep swinging at.

The idiotic rot of the Left’s Trump-Russia conspiracy has totally infiltrated the CIA, for not too long ago ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden told CNN’s Jake Tapper that WikiLeaks was working on behalf of the Russian government, via The Blaze.

Hayden should have known better than to open his mouth without the facts.

The CIA has been hit hard recently by the election of Donald Trump. The spy agency is largely responsible for the “Deep State” machinations against Trump.

Most of the plotters are Obama loyalists, while others belong to the neoconservative warhawk industrial complex in Washington, D.C.

President Trump and his supporters represent a threat to both of those forces.

Despite all of their hardware and their technological resources, the CIA has proven unable to completely keep its secrets secret. In June 2013, Edward Snowden, a contractor who worked as a systems analyst for the CIA, broke the news about the NSA’s widespread spying on American citizens, via BBC.

Could another Snowden be at work in the agency right now? It seems likely. Such a pattern of leaking calls into question the CIA’s ability to effectively conduct counterterrorism operations abroad. According to the so-called “Vault 7” releases, the CIA only seems proficient at using nominally private technology companies like Apple and Google to spy on Americans at home and at work, via ValueWalk.

Many brain-dead leftists and their RINO allies believe that a shadowy cabal of CIA and FBI operatives can bring down the Trump presidency by exposing the president’s deep ties to Vladimir Putin and his intelligence services.

These clueless talking heads do not seem to recognize that the “Deep State” is nothing more than petty bureaucrats who seem to have a hard time actually doing their jobs. What’s the use of leaky spies, anyway?

h/t: angrypatriotmovement