As class warfare peddling leftists tend to do, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has left out an important detail from the tales about her college experience. While she discusses how she went to a commuter school to save money, she fails to point out that she also attended an uber-expensive private university for two years.

What she said. During the book tour that she claims is totally not about running for president in 2020, Fauxcahontas talked about her college years in an appearance on “The View.”

“I wanted to go to college, and there was no money for college. The way I finally made it through is I graduated from a commuter college that cost $50 a semester,” Warren said.

What she left out. The Washington Free Beacon reported:

What Warren did not mention is that she also attended George Washington University for two years before leaving early to get married. The book notes her time at GWU, one of the nation’s most expensive private universities, but Warren rarely mentions it in her public speeches and appearances.

It is unclear why Warren leaves out this detail in her speeches, but critics say she may be appealing to the far-left progressive wing of the Democratic Party for a possible presidential campaign in 2020. Warren has denied that she will run for president, but her answers have left some unconvinced.

Why she likely left it out? That’s because two years at GWU, an expensive private school, doesn’t help her class-warfare shtick.

Aside from the class warfare angle, there may even be a feminist angle, as you know how much the feminists hate acknowledging the support and benefit spouses can gain from one another.

Leaving an expensive school to get married doesn’t exactly fit any of the left’s preferred narratives, and instead of acknowledging reality and ending the identity-politics garbage, leftists just re-write history to fit their radical agenda.

This is, of course, the woman who benefited from claiming American Indian status because of supposed family stories and high cheek bones …

What’s sick is that leftists exploit a real problem — America’s shrinking middle class — to push their agenda. That is precisely what Warren is doing here by conveniently leaving out facts to make herself look like the “everyman” (or “everywoman,” if you’re a snowflake that cares about such language) instead of being concerned about being duped by radical leftists who are working to tear this country apart.

The truth is that this country does need to fix the problems that are causing our middle class, the engine of the economy, to shrink — but the “cure” the left is peddling is just snake oil.