This week, Barack Obama’s former national security advisor Susan Rice was exposed as the person who requested the “unmasking” of Trump’s associates on raw intelligence reports. Afterwards, Rice went on MSNBC to try and defend herself in an interview with Andrea Mitchell, but it backfired in a big way…

Angry Patriot Movement reported that despite the fact that Mitchell was lobbing her fairly easy questions, Rice appeared extremely shaken and panicked. The more Rice sweated, the more guilty she looked, which only served to make her more of a liability for Democrats.

This comes as Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie told Breitbart believed that this Rice revelation is only the beginning of the corruption that is about to be exposed.

“You know? I think there is even more to this story than is being revealed right now,” said Massie. “For over three years, I have been offering legislation to fix this problem.”

He went on to say that he agrees with Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul that Rice should be brought before Congress to testify under oath.

“Oh, I think we should, but if we express all this righteous indignation about these programs? We are obligated to fix these programs,” he said.

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